Home Inn Xueqinglu

2 Star Hotel

16 Shuangqing Road

Beijing ,China

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Located in the locality of 16 SHUANGQING ROAD Peking , Home Inn Xueqinglu offers the luxury and budget traveler and his/her family a convenient and friendly accommodation. Home Inn Xueqinglu is within the easy reach of the center of Beijing, China, the nearest airport and its major attractions. The Home Inn Xueqinglu is known for its comfort and affordable hotel rooms and common areas, friendly reservation counter staff, nearby restaurants and bars, and service and staff that focus on every detail of your stay at Home Inn Xueqinglu worthwhile. This hotel is well-suited for families on a small budget, or business travelers looking for the cheap and best hotels. The Home Inn Xueqinglu is a Tourist hotel. Located in Beijing area. and the nightlife/restaurants are easily accessible by taxi or bus from the hotel.

16 Shuangqing Road, Beijing, China

  • Car parking
  • Restaurant(s)
  • Laundry facilities
  • Wi-Fi

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