Dar Al Taqwa Hotel Madinah

Off Al Sitteen StreetAl Haram , Near Masjid An Nabawi , Medina


The prominent and well-known Dar Al Taqwa Hotel Madinah is situated in the Saudi Arabian holy city of Madinah. The Al-Masjid an-Nabawi Holy Mosque is nearby, and the hotel provides a distinctive fusion of elegance, convenience, and spiritual tranquility.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere of the Dar Al Taqwa Hotel Madinah welcomes you as you step inside, reflecting the rich Arabian tradition. The hotels design skillfully combines contemporary aesthetics with traditional Arabian elements to produce a compelling ambiance that honors the citys cultural importance.

The Dar Al Taqwa Hotel Madinahs rooms and suites were carefully planned to offer visitors a relaxing haven. Each lodging is attractively outfitted with opulent furnishings, luxurious bedding, and contemporary conveniences.

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